Teenager Bullying Hypnotherapy

To help Teenagers to overcome Anxiety issues caused by Bullying in school, college, university or the work place.

If you are a target of being bullied there is a lot you “can“ do, with the help of my Hypnotherapy techniques and strategies to enable you to feel more confident.

The more empowered you are, the more you can help yourself, and the better chance you have to stop the bully.

Teenage bullying is serious and can be extremely distressing and can cause an enormous impact on the parents and family.

The behaviour of the Bully can be repetitive and unbearable.

🗣 What is Bullying? It involves intentionally hurting or intimidating another person.

PHYSICAL BULLYING - Hitting, pulling hair and shoving, kicking & punching.

EMOTIONAL BULLYING - It can include name calling, spreading lies, rumours, gossiping, exclusion from social groups, calling behind peoples backs.

CYBER BULLYING which takes place online, email or texting or posting on social media.

FRENEMIES (Fake friends) who are nice to your face but call you when your back is turned, gossiping, jealousy.

If your Teenager is being Bullied they may be reluctant to tell you, watch out for signs, they may become withdrawn, anxious, self harm, low confidence & self esteem and in extreme cases it can result in suicide.

Bullies treat others badly because they have low self esteem and low self love.

Types of Bullies pick on :

🔹 Popular and / or Attractive - An act of Jealousy

🔹 Quiet - If you keep your head down the bully may see you as weak.

🔹 Sensitive - If you are perceived as sensitive the bully will feel they have more buttons to press.

🔹 Conscientious - A hard working person can be a target.

🔹 Homophobic, different race or culture can also be a target.

If you would like more information on the Teenager Bullying Programme please CLICK HERE ….

Teenager Bullying Hypnotherapy Programme

If your Teenager is being Bullied they may be reluctant to tell you, watch out for signs

Teenager Bullying Hypnotherapy Programme

4 x Sessions

Are you a target 🎯 for Bullies and feel desperate need for help?

After having experienced emotional and physical Bullying in my Teenage years at high school myself. I feel determined to help others ❤️

Never put the blame on yourself, no one deserves to be bullied.

My Hypnotherapy sessions help Teenagers to overcome Stress and Anxiety, and to help gain inner Strength and Courage, to feel Stronger within, and to feel Calmer and Relaxed in certain situations, to be more Assertive and to help build Confidence and Self Esteem.

Bullying takes a hammering to the Confidence & Self Esteem!

I also help to eradicate panic attacks and teach techniques to stop any self harming, and to gain control of negative thought patterns and behaviours.

My Programme also includes:

✓ Strategies on how to learn to “WIN” the Bullies in your life and become Bully-Proof.
✓ How to learn to handle yourself in situations.
✓ How to learn who your Frenemies (fake friends) are and how to deal with them ?
✓ How to learn what to do with Cyber bullies?
✓ I will teach you techniques to “STOP” self harming

ALSO as an added bonus ❤️

✓ I offer 6 months of FREE unlimited ongoing support by either email or messenger
✓ I help with exam nerves to focus and feel calmer and to be Positive.
✓ To help you to Love yourself more, Accept yourself for that Amazing unique person that you are.
✓ I will send you a FREE recording to listen too to help build Confidence and Self Esteem.

If you are interested please contact me for further information and the price of the Programme.