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I am a Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, based in Nunthorpe, North Yorkshire, in the North East of England.  I am Professional, caring natured and have always put other's first. I am so grateful to have found my purpose in life, I am very passionate about helping people to improve their Mental, Emotional and Physical Health and Well-being. I help "Teenagers and Adults" to overcome Anxiety related issues.

I also Empower Adults and Teenagers to believe in themselves by building their Confidence and Self Esteem to gain control of their thoughts, feelings and behaviours by releasing negative limiting beliefs, self worth and doubt, in either the working environment/ public speaking/ dating scene/ networking/ university/ social events / exam nerves mocks & GCSE’s/job interviews etc.

My aim is to help you "change your life" and to achieve your goals.  Hypnotherapy works by identifying the root cause of the problem and then to release it to produce long and lasting positive change.  I have over the years gained recognition and achieved excellent results in helping all my client’s every step of the way leading to their recovery.

I help people to overcome a variety of issues:

  • Stress and Anxiety 
  • Low Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Social Anxiety/ Panic Attacks
  • Health Anxiety 
  • PTSD 
  • Weightloss Control & Virtual Gastric Mind Band
  • Help to Heal a Broken Heart
  • Fear & Phobias of Flying / Driving / Public Speaking etc
  • Quit Smoking
  • Pain Management
  • IBS & Digestive Disorders 
  • Anger Management


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The Rapid Anxiety Release Programme

Are you struggling with Anxiety?

Experiencing Low moods, Negative thoughts, Feeling frustrated, Angry, Anxious, causing Heart palpitations, Nervousness, and Panic attacks and you don’t know why you are feeling like this?

The cause of this is a "Negative limiting belief or two" which will be hidden away deep in the subconscious mind from a past experience, and it doesn't always take a traumatic event/experience to feel those isolated or worried feelings.  It can be something minor that has triggered off the unwanted feelings of anxiety, fear, insecurities or behavioural patterns.

"If you want to be Free from that feeling/emotion I can help you to Eliminate your Anxiety"

I have created a "RAPID ANXIETY RELEASE PROGRAMME" which consists of 4 sessions to enable you to feel calmer in situations, enjoy a blissful night's sleep, feeling relaxed, focused with a clearer mind, a positive mindset, motivation, gaining inner peace and to be confident again with heightened self esteem.

General Anxiety can affect your job, college, university, relationships, family gatherings and friendships, causing a person to feel isolated with low self worth, lacking in confidence and self esteem.  Please contact me and book in today if you want to transform your life!



Imagine waking up in the mornings, feeling energised and positive after a blissful night's sleep, and enjoying a deep sense of calm and inner peace in your day to day life. By finally letting go of what no longer serves you and learning to reject negative thought patterns by gaining control over your feelings and behaviours, feeling confident and relaxed in social situations and beginning to feel hopeful and excited for the future, free of fear, free from that old anxiety, self doubt, insecurities and constant negative self talk and by learning to live in the present moment.

Life is a gift and we all have a purpose to be here, with the help of my Hypnotherapy Programme you can be free from Anxiety, make this happen today to "transform your life".

As we know life has its ups and downs, and unfortunately we cannot control what happens in the outer world of our lives, or control people’s actions, but what we can control is what happens in the inner world of our minds.

Our outer world is a complete reflection of our inner world. If your inner world is full of chaos, worry and anxiety, you can’t expect your environment to be healthy or feed you with positivity:

  • Your thoughts determine the way you see yourself and the world around you. What you think directly influences how you feel and how you behave.
  • Thought patterns, whether positive or negative, become a habitual way of thinking and are so ingrained, we are often unaware of them. They become our belief systems.
  • Every time you talk yourself down, doubt yourself, exhaust yourself, dismiss your feelings or needs, you undermine your self esteem and may develop a faulty belief of yourself and your capabilities.
  • The way you think about yourself turns into reality. You need to be EXTREMELY careful what kind of self talk you are doing and be kind to yourself. Everyone has negative thoughts at times, but the problems come when we believe our thoughts are true. They may develop into low mood, anxiety disorders, panic attacks and depression.

Get in touch today to make that long lasting change in your life! 

Contact me and set your life on the right track


  • I feel anxious, panicked and have a feeling of dread?
  • I overthink negative thoughts and create scenarios in my head that haven’t even happened, causing anxiety?
  • I worry about my health, living in fear and obsessed, constantly scanning by whole body for pain & lumps etc?
  • I feel uncomfortable in public places, being surrounded by a lot of people, causing anxiety & panic attacks ?
  • I feel isolated and withdrawn from socialising events?
  • I have low confidence & self esteem and compare myself to others, worry about what other people think of me?
  • I blush and have no self confidence in the working environment, I self doubt my abilities / feel worthless and not feeling good enough?
  • I hate my job but fear change and being out of my comfort zone so I remain feeling unhappy in myself?
  • I have anger issues, it is affecting my relationships, but I don’t know why I am feeling like this?.
  • I feel overweight, no motivation and feel really unhappy with low self confidence and self esteem in my body image?
  • I have been diagnosed with PTSD and have flashbacks, insomnia and it is affecting my life and relationships.


If you feel you have any other issues which is not listed above, please contact me and I can confirm if I can help you.

Hypnotherapy helps by getting to the root cause of the issue, perhaps an experience from the past has triggered off the anxiety and it has developed into feelings of fear, anxiousness and insecurity. I can also help you to let go of that inner critic that may have manifested over the years since early childhood, this can have an effect on you today and can hold you back from being your true authentic self.

I can help you to release any stress, anxiety, fear, emotions, anger, frustration, hurt, heartbreak, shame or guilt, anything that has been holding you back in life, to give you that inner peace of mind, to feel happy and confident again, to break free from that old Anxiety issue.

If you are struggling with a general anxiety disorder, health anxiety, social anxiety/ panic attacks, causing low mood, feeling worthless, lacking in confidence and self esteem and it has started to affect your relationship, your family, your job, working environment/ university then this programme is for you.

The Hypnotherapy techniques I use can safely and quickly restore the traumatised nervous system to balance in order for you to trust your responses to daily situations and to start living your life again, being free from the past to move forward into the future with a positive mindset and feeling confident again.

If you have recently had an upsetting break up of a marriage, relationship or situationship etc and you feel you are struggling to move on with your life, or perhaps feeling worthless, not good enough, low confidence and self esteem because of maybe experiencing a toxic abusive relationship?

If you need to change your attitude towards food, the weightloss control programme will allow you to change destructive patterns of behaviour at the deepest level, replacing them towards a healthy diet and lifestyle and to give you the kick start that you need and motivation to get you back on track to lose that excess weight, feeling confident again.

Life’s knock backs can create a lack of confidence within us, either losing a job, not getting the promotion, ending a relationship, Anxiety, being alone etc can create a feeling of low confidence, not feeling good enough or question your abilities.

I have created a Confidence Building & Self Esteem Programme specifically aimed to help Teenagers struggling with low confidence and self esteem, college / university / social events / exam nerves mocks/GCSE’s. The required number of sessions for the Programme is 4 sessions, clients have felt a significant improvement after only a couple of sessions.


Just like any therapy session, hypnotherapy begins with a conversation about you, what you would like to achieve in the process.

Once the goals have been clarified and I have learned a little bit more about you as a person, and to highlight your expectations, your goals and specific problems that need to be worked upon then we can work together in harmony "to change your life"

After the first session is over the majority of my client's have all said in their own words  " Wow that was Powerful, I feel lighter so relaxed and calmer from when I first walked into the session, its as if a heavy weight has been lifted from my mind".

Hypnotherapy is not a quick fix, after 1 session, more sessions are required leading to recovery, depending upon your issue.


If you are 100% committed in wanting help yourself and you are open minded to new ideas then we can work together. Depending upon your issue, you also have to help yourself by listening to the self hypnosis recordings and practice the EFT techniques that I will teach you in the first session.


Absolutely Not. All a Hypnotherapist is, is a facilitator of change that the client uses to achieve the desired outcome.
Hypnotherapy is “Not” stage hypnosis.

During hypnotherapy you are perfectly in control of what you are doing and you will have a clear memory of the session. In other words, you cannot be made to do anything that you do not want to do and you will be completely aware of what is happening throughout the whole process.


What do you have to lose, change does not "just happen" we decide and make it that way.....

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